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MoonDiff Guidelines

Interacting with others

When communicating with other MoonDiffers using the forums and during live events, please be extremely courteous. Act twice as nice as you would otherwise. Try to take what others say in the best possible light and take time to reflect before responding. Do not use any offensive language.

Making discoveries

You will be acknowledged or listed as a co-author, depending on level of contribution, to any scientific publications arising from your work on MoonDiff.

Please do not attempt to automate the work, or "game" the system.

Bugs and code contributions

If you find a bug, thank you! Please report it using our issue tracker, unless it's something that might affect the security or privacy of others, in which case please email .

MoonDiff is open source, and we welcome contributions to the code.

Consequences of violating these guidelines

You may be suspended or banned if our admins feel you have violated any of the guidelines above. A preliminary warning will be given for minor offenses.